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My name is Johnny Whitaker, from New York, United States. My educational background is in the fields of Accounting & Finance and Business Management. I love American football & soccer and am a huge fan of vacations.

After having gone through some emotional stress and walk-through associated with weight loss, to becoming healthy, fit and athletically built myself, I detailed record of my journey and decided to do additional detailed research, in order to help others going through, about to or will go through the same. Hence, my research & investigation actually began with the weight loss and Health & Fitness niche.

Later on, my background studies effect came to the fore, where I began to reason that there must be ways to liberate oneself from the rat race. Hence, Making Money Online came to my focus. I have done myself proud in it and it’s time to help others find the FREEDOM they truly crave.

As the ideas continue to grow, my relationship and those of others around me came into focus, which brought about the inclusion of Relationship into the niches I conduct research in. Hopefully, I will write a book in the near future that will detail the problems I faced and how I dealt with them successfully. For now, as there are many written books out there with practical steps to solve varying relationship problems, I am recommending the best practical advice possible here.

As a result of overwhelming interests in my works, while also realising my limitations as human, I brought in established experts in their own rights, in these different niches, who are working tirelessly to identify, review and recommend best services/products/advice for our teeming clients.

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Weight Wellness Care

On this site, we’re dedicated to guiding you through a transformative journey towards a healthier, happier, and more balanced lifestyle through up to-date educative, informative and revealing videos.