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Content Marketing Strategy

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Content Marketing Strategy simply refers to the designed plan of action employed to achieve a long-term goal or overall aim of your website or business. Contents are then used as primary means to achieve those goals.

Your website or business goals could be: build an audience, increase brand awareness, focus on SEO to increase website visibility and drive traffic to your products or services.

Organizations typically use content marketing to build an audience and to achieve at least one of these profitable results: increased revenue, lower costs, or better customers.

Content marketing can be described as the process of creating blogs, email newsletters, videos, etc. to engage your target audience with informative and helpful content.

The Importance Of Content Marketing

Whether your business goal is to build audience, increase your brand awareness or using the SEO value of driving traffic to your website, creating high-quality, valuable and engaging content is vital to build trust with new audiences and, ultimately, succeed with affiliate sales over the long-haul. 

Types Of Content For Affiliate Marketing

There are several types of content, with some more suited to affiliate marketing than others, and of course, depending on your business or website goals. However, we will cover 5 of them in as much possible detail.

1. Case Studies & Success Stories

Case studies and success stories detail a specific example or experience of someone using a product or service.

They provide actionable content like a tutorial or guide, but also reveal the results achieved after using the product or service.

In the example below on my https://weightloss.fatlosswithease.com, I used the case study of Valerie Smith to show how she used a weight loss product to solve her weight problems.

This is a great style that produces results.

You can establish yourself as a thought leader in your niche, promote your affiliate product, and stand out from other review content covering the same product.

2. Product Reviews

Reviews are one of the most important types of content for affiliate marketing. When people read product reviews, they already know about the problem they’re trying to solve, or the goal they want to achieve.

They’re very close to making a purchase. Reading a review is the last step before they decide which product to buy.

https://finance.fatlosswithease.com/ is an affiliate review website that covers detailed review of best 6 IM products at the time – 3 more below.

A review post typically shares the pros and cons of the product, lists the features, and provides a final recommendation.

It should also reveal who the product is most suitable for, and discuss alternative products on the market.

In the example above, a summary of products being reviewed are provided with their individual star ratings and users are asked to click on the product of their choice for full details.

Product reviews should be comprehensive, covering all the questions and most important features people want to know about before committing to a purchase.

People don’t expect a product to be perfect, so don’t be afraid of revealing any negatives or bad features of a product in your review.

You’ll build a lasting and more profitable relationship if you’re honest and upfront with your audience.

By creating informative and honest reviews of products in your niche, you can help your audience to purchase the right products for their needs…

…And generate affiliate commission as a reward.

3. Listicles

Listicles are one of the most effective types of affiliate content.

A listicle article is a numbered list of products.

You can rank products according to quality, or create a random list.

Some of the most profitable pieces of affiliate content on the internet are listicle articles.

Johnnyskitchensupplies focuses its content output on targeting high search volume buyer intent keywords products using listicle articles in the example below,

The key advantage of a listicle is that it is easy to scan, making it a perfect content type for the shortened attention span of the modern internet user.

According to a Microsoft study, an internet user’s average attention span is now less than that of a goldfish.

As you can see in the example, listicles cover lots of different products, offering multiple recommendations for the needs of each audience segment.

4. Longform How-to Guides & Tutorials

In-depth how-to guides and tutorials are a great way to target informational keyword phrases and drive traffic to your website.

An informational search is when the user searches for an answer to a question or specific information on a subject.

Around 80% of total search queries are informational.

Johnnywhittaker uses how-to guides and tutorials to promote affiliate products and services.

The step by step guide walks users through the process of losing belly fat:

The guide includes affiliate links for the products and services needed to solve the specific belly fat problem for men and women alike.

How-to guides and tutorials are a great content type for targeting informational search queries and promote your affiliate offers.

You can create a step-by-step guide, and include your affiliate product as a tool that people need to achieve the desired outcome.

Because the content is actionable, users are more likely to click on your affiliate link and make a purchase when following the guide or tutorial.

You can identify a common problem people experience in your niche, and go through the process of overcoming the problem using your affiliate product.

5. Videos

Video is a dynamic and engaging type of content.

Research shows that 66% of consumers prefer to watch a video rather than read about a product.

It’s also a highly shareable content format for social media…

…Facebook averages a total of over 8 billion video views per day.

In the example below, Johnny Whittaker’s Channel utilizes a video to promote affiliate products:

Video content is especially useful for product review content and tutorials.

You can upload your video content to YouTube, and embed it into your relevant blog posts.

  • Try to make your video as professional and natural as possible.
  • Think about investing in a microphone to improve sound quality.
  • Practice being in front of the camera to get comfortable before you start filming.
  • Focus on making the introduction as engaging as possible – you’ve got a few seconds to convince people to keep watching.

If you post a video review to YouTube, remember to direct your viewers to the affiliate link in the description below.

We will consider “How To Promote Your Content” in the next Article.



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