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A landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for the purpose of a marketing or advertising campaign.

Landing pages are also known as ‘sales pages’ or ‘squeeze pages’ depending on how they are used.

However, no matter what you’re using a landing page for, the words you use on the page are always going to be ‘sales’ oriented.

Because the sole purpose of a landing page is to pre-sell an idea or product and make it sound so amazing that visitors want to take action.

If you’re sending visitors to an affiliate offer (like one of our landing pages or video sales letters) then know this.

Your Clickbank hoplink is embedded into the button on the page which sends them to our video sales letter.

If the person watching our video sales letter buys the product…You get paid.

In short, a landing page is designed to turn visitors into buyers.

A good landing page warms visitors to an idea so when they land on the actual product being promoted they already know what to expect.


The quickest and easiest way to create your own high converting landing pages is to use drag and drop software.

Companies such as Clickfunnels, Lead pages or Optimizepress are among the best.

We strongly recommend Clickfunnels for your maximum business exposure and benefits. You can also take advantage of their 14-day Trial period by clicking Here!

Using drag and drop software means even those without coding, tech, or design skills can quickly and easily create stunning landing pages.

A huge advantage of using drag and drop software is the amount of free support, instruction, and the number of templates Clickfunnels offers for free.

There is no longer a steep learning curve with software. You can create your first landing page in minutes.


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  1. Tuan says:

    Sound is very interesting

    • Tuan says:

      I am very interest

      • johnny says:

        Hi Tuan,

        If you are interested in creating a landing page, please click here
        Enjoy their 14-day Free Trial too.

        There are video tutorials on Clickfunnels page to guide you through from the start.

        However, should you require further assistance from me, please do not hesitate to ask.



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